Learning English is fun!

Summer has arrived and with it… school vacations! What’s up now? Playing, having fun, water water and more water, jumping, running, doing sports and a lot of other activities that summer camps offer.

For a few years now, these camps have also offered activities in English. And here we have two different reactions:

The parents’ reaction: «That’s great, our kids will learn English!».

The children’s reaction: «Oh no, what a painl!».

So, when we were given the opportunity to be in charge of the activities in English in the summer camp of Sant Nicolau School in Sabadell, we faced a great challenge: getting the children to go from “Oh no, what a pain” to “English classes are so cool!»

In the beginning, we used music: songs in English, learning and playing with traditional and not so traditional instruments, percussion rhythms, body language… and that was all thanks to our teachers Steffan and Elliot, who were also musicians.

Later, we wanted to give it a twist and incorporated other types of activities: a different theme each week. In this way, the children learned and reviewed vocabulary from more varied areas and each week: colours, animals, body parts, food, science… and everything in English!

It is always said that children are like little sponges, and the more inputs we give them in other languages, the faster they will absorb and integrate that information into their day-to-day life. In addition, it happens to them the same as we do as adults: once they associate a face or a person with a language, it is very difficult for them to speak to them in another language. And that is what happens to us both in the academy and in the summer camps: once they see one of our teachers, they address him or her in English with a Hello or Good Morning! And we love that! That’s when we realise that interaction in English is guaranteed. 

Here are some images of the activities we have carried out during these first weeks in the summer camp, but you can see more on our Instagram profile. Follow us (@exitschoolofenglish) and you will see that if you really want it, it is easy to get the kids out of the “Oh no, what a pain” mode. Let us thank Claudia for all the good work she does everyday… we guess this is why the children in Sant Nicolau absolutely adore her.

You may find further information about Exit School summer services here.

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